Because Quality and Environment are important factors for our customers and for us. We are committed to being ISO 9001 and 14001 certified

ISO 9001 : Quality

ISO 9001

The certification here : Certificat ISO 9001 2015 CBP 2021

ISO 14001 : Environment

ISO 14001

the certification here : Certificat ISO 14001 2015 CBP 2021

Also, We are the last manufacturer of bearings and bushings to produce all our parts in French territory


    – Sintering of metallic powders

    – White metal deposit in foundry through centrifugal process 

They bring a quality to our products which ensures their longevity.

We are committed to these values for more than 75 years. We can count on our continuous gluing chains, continuous furnaces for our sintered bronze materials, a smelting by centrifugation which offer a recognised quality.

The coatings composed of different sliding layers allow a very low friction coefficient and the precision obtained gives to CBP antifriction bearings the necessary qualities for the operation durability of the systems they integrate.

   Pictures of metallurgical comparison between sintering and smeltering                                                               

The pictures above demonstrate how sintering allows a much more equal distribution of the lead in the bronze alloy. This is one of the reasons why CBP bearings last longer.


Our equipment composed of innovative and automated tools, constitutes efficient means of production ensuring respect of tight tolerances.

CBP has also implemented a demanding control procedure, ISO 9001 certified and testimony guarantee for its customers. The ISO 14001 approval has completed these measures in 2008.

Numerous controls throughout the production process guarantee homogenous series in terms of quality. Many special machines, some automated, along the production chains, allow specific executions.                                                                                                       


Our adaptability and reactivity, linked with the flexibility of our production unit, allows us to respond to all of your demands, and more specifically to smaller and medium series requirements in short time.


Our R&D department stays at your disposal to study your projects in bimetal bearings. It will give you appropriate advices and help you to define your technical requirements. It will then ensure the rapid development of your prototypes or new products, in a range from 10mm to 300mm, by leaning on its important database corresponding to thousands of classified parts. 

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